Add Everyday Mission To Your Business


The Benefits

1. Customer Loyalty is increased through the attachment of a human-centered mission to every purchase.

2. Brand Awareness is increased through the promotion of an innovative business model that places serving humanity.

3. Millennial Marketing is enhanced by addressing the demand for corporate involvement in a social cause.

4. Employee Retention and Talent Attraction, especially among millennials, is increased through the purpose and involvement of global impact at every level of the organization.


The Costs

Since the capital is cycled rather than donated, meaning that you get it all back after 1 year, the effective cost of participating in Good Returns is much lower than using a traditional donation-based approach. A management fee is applied to each cycle depending on the size of the investment and size of the participating company.

By completing the form below, and beginning the process of becoming a Good Returns company, we will be able to provide you with a direct quote for the exact cost of participating in the Good Returns model. 


Here's How It Works


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