The Benefits

  • Create Customer Loyalty by attaching a human-centered mission to every purchase.

  • Increase Brand Awareness by promoting an innovative business model that places service to humanity front-and-center.

  • Enhance Millennial Marketing by addressing the demand for corporate involvement in an authentic social cause.

  • Drive Employee Retention and Attract Top Talent, especially among Millennials, through purpose and involvement in global impact at every level of the organization.

The Impact

  • Meaningful Capital. Your cycle capital increases the capacity of recipient Impact Organizations to grow their impact on the ground - impact that would otherwise be unrealized.

  • Focus on Sustainability. Our impact network was built to scale sustainable impact models. Not only does Good Returns provide scaling capital to currently sustainable organizations, it also creates incentives for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to create new sustainable programs.

  • Raising Awareness. Impact organizations report that one of their top needs is to reach a wider audience. Companies in the Good Returns network provide a powerful platform to raise awareness of the work of Impact Organizations through storytelling, which we facilitate for you.

The Costs

Since Good Returns capital is cycled and returned rather than donated, the effective cost of participating in Good Returns is much lower than a traditional donation-based approach.

Impact Organizations pay nothing to participate in the program – the entire goal of Good Returns is to provide as much momentum to impact organizations as possible. We locate, vet, onboard, cycle, guarantee, and support impact organizations at absolutely no cost to them.

Good Returns supports itself with help from its participating companies. Companies pay a small fee depending on the amount of cycled capital, which covers the costs of the financial guarantee.

Companies may also choose to support the Good Returns program through paid sponsorships or through tax-deductible grants to its nonprofit arm.

In addition, the Good Returns team specializes in impact storytelling, and we offer paid services to help companies maximize the reach of the stories of their impact. We can help you get the most value from your cycles for your recruits, employees, customers, brand, and community.

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