Born Over Breakfast


It all started when…

Texas Impact Bank CEO, James Stewart, became a supporter of one of Dallas' first microfinance- supporting charities, Chiapas International. Good Returns co-developers, Salah Boukadoum and Kyle Lukianuk, were members of the Chiapas Board and established a meaningful relationship with James from the start. Between frequent breakfast meetings, Kyle and Salah witnessed Texas Impact Bank become one of the fast growing regional banks in the country, while James provided valuable insight and advised Kyle on his journey to grow Good Returns from an idea into an institution. 


As Texas Impact Bank began to grow outside of Texas, they realized the importance of maintaining the values of the great state which they were named after. Across the country, The Lone Star State has a reputation as a place where business thrives. But Texas business owners and entrepreneurs don’t just think about making money. They are determined to make society stronger so the economic benefits last longer. They realize that when business is good and does good, everybody wins. This “can-do” spirit of innovation, vision for generations to come, and the trust in each other to build something great is Impact Capitalism, and it’s an idea as big as the state it was born in.

It didn't take long for the two future partners to realize how well the ideas of Impact Capitalism and Good Returns went together.

Texas Impact Bank and Good Returns is a partnership that just makes sense. Like with all of our clients we’re proud to have been there from the beginning and we’ll continue to be there for Good Returns as they grow.
— James Stewart, CEO, Texas Impact Bank


Good Returns is a fully functioning hybrid social enterprise, bridging the gap for companies in how to do good and do well. It only made sense that Good Returns and the institution that coined the term Impact Capitalism would partner to build a better way for companies to do more in their effort to build more sustainable communities.

In addition to being one of Good Returns' banking institutions, Texas Impact Bank continues to maintain its role as a legacy sponsor and a strategic partner in scaling the Good Returns program - bringing it to companies and businesses throughout Dallas, the state of Texas, and the rest of the country.

Good Returns is very proud to have a partner like Texas Impact Bank - serving clients and communities in a way that makes sense for all involved.