Changing the way businesses create impact. For good.


Donate? Nope. We cycle.


Good Returns is a new form of philanthropy that allows businesses to do more and promotes sustainable solutions to our world's greatest problems. 

Our model pushes capital from traditional businesses into problem-solving, sustainable organizations, called Impact Organizations, in order to serve humanity each year. Good Returns guarantees each and every dollar that is cycled and creates channels for powerful stories to be told. At the conclusion of every year, the capital is repaid to Good Returns, interest free, and returned to the participating businesses. This cycle allows businesses to commit more resources and drive more impact... and that's something we'd all like to see.


The Power of the Cycle

By allowing companies to cycle rather than simply donate, Good Returns creates opportunities for more capital to be deployed for scaling sustainable solutions. 

CONSIDER THIS: Over the past 50 years, corporate philanthropy has averaged a mere 0.9% of pre-tax profits. That means that, on average, less than 1% of a company's financial output is directly being used to benefit humanity.

But we realize that businesses do not exist to simply donate. Executives answer to shareholders and shareholders demand returns. By cycling, companies can afford to commit more capital each year increasing their impact, while lowering their effective cost.

Do more for less. Now that's something that every shareholder can get excited about.

Here's How It Works


Areas of Focus


Find your place in the cycle and create impact.