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Good Returns is dedicated to scaling sustainable solutions to our world's most pressing problems. By creating a network that combines organizations with the most purpose to organizations with the most resources, a beautiful synergy is created.

The Capital

Capital from participating businesses is deployed each year through Good Returns to Impact Organizations (IO's) in our network. Capital is distributed in the form of interest free loans, which can be used to further your mission.

Are you generating microloans to women? Building water wells in rural villages? Bringing solar energy to remote locations? This capital is dedicated to help you scale and create more impact.

The Exposure

Good Returns facilitates partnerships between our member companies and member IO's to increase awareness around the amazing work that is being done. Companies want to tell your story! Let them show the world how you're creating a better one.


Current Impact Organizations


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The Requirements

We complete a vetting process for all Impact Organizations that may qualify as partners. This process allows us to minimize risk related to our capital deployment as well as provide important information to prospective companies regarding the current status of our Impact Portfolio. 

If your organization has sustainable operations - meaning you have a revenue generating component besides raising donations - that produces positive impact in one of our focus areas we would love to hear from you! Even if you're not 100% sustainable, we'd still love to learn more about the work you are doing and see if we can help.

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