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If corporate impact doesn’t create value for a company, it’s not sustainable. Good Returns plugs companies right into the heart of sustainable impact: finding it, matching it, scaling it, sharing it.


 How Can Good Returns Help Your Company?


Why Work With Good Returns?

We help companies develop social impact programs that create:

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The Good Returns Toolbox

Impact Measurement +

An Impact Measurement Strategy defines the key metrics and measurement routines for a corporation’s social impact program. A well-defined strategy serves three key purposes: gauge the impact generated by the investment (what happened?); serve as input to compare versus other social impact programs (was it effective?); and provide learning and data to guide future choices about deployment of capital (what happens next?).

Good Returns helps ensure you have the metrics needed to turn social impact activities into value that any CFO can measure.
Our proven process helps create a baseline/target metrics plan, effectiveness metrics plan, and/or qualitative data plan, which can be applied to any social impact program, including the Good Returns Cycle Program. The company can use these plans as a template for its whole portfolio, creating the capacity to answer the key questions for each of its portfolio initiatives.

Click here to learn more about Impact Measurement Strategies

Tangible Value +

A corporate social impact program is only sustainable and scalable when it generates tangible financial value and supports the company’s strategic objectives. Social impact programs create value for corporations through marketing (brand, product, message), human capital (attraction, retention, engagement), and strategy (opportunities, removing obstacles). The tangible value plan helps determine value and ideally is designed with input from multiple internal stakeholders, such as marketing, human resources, finance, and executive leadership.

Good Returns helps your social impact program create a positive return on investment.
Good Returns can help your company identify and hone value measurements for impact programming, and then work with your team to create a menu of tools that can convert its social impact to corporate value. The company can then utilize these options to engage management and finance in a value measurement methodology that will apply to any and all programming in the portfolio, including the Good Returns Cycle Program.

Click here to learn more about Tangible Value Plans

Due Diligence +

Methodology-driven due diligence provides your company with the information needed to ensure its investments are responsible, values-aligned, and effective. The Good Returns due diligence process includes analysis of partner impact organizations’ social impact models, financial stability and performance, leadership, and affiliations.

Good Returns helps your company select the right social impact partners.
Good Returns helps your company vet current and discover prospective impact organizations. Our process distills the results into a standardized summary and detail view for your company's internal stakeholders.

Click here to view a sample due diligence report

Pilot +

A pilot enables companies to experience the process, mechanics, and reporting for a potential social impact program. A pilot is a "dry run" of a social impact program using a small amount of capital, a shorter timeframe for impact measurement, a pre-established impact organization, and a limited, defined value creation demonstration.

The Cycle Program +

Good Returns' Cycle program infrastructure enables companies to perform fully guaranteed impact lending as the backbone for any number of value-creating initiatives. Unlike traditional grantmaking, the Cycle program enables capital to be returned to the company, unlocking unlimited potential for impact using the same dollars.

A Good Returns Cycle enables a company to create more impact and more value.
When your company is ready, Good Returns can plan and execute full Cycles to impact organizations that map to the company’s target areas and impact goals, coordinated by metrics to a portfolio of projects. Cycles tie to measured value-creating initiatives with buy-in from key departments of your company.

Click here to learn more about the Cycle program.

Scale and Transform +

As truly sustainable social impact programs begin to scale inside a corporation, they have the capacity to create organizational transformation. A sustainable, scalable program, like a Good Returns Cycle, can be the backbone for a company to fulfill a vision of "Social Impact in Everything.”

After conducting a successful social impact program such as a Cycle, Good Returns can help your company deepen and expand its impact programming, engaging even more broadly with both internal and external stakeholders, and positioning the company as an impact leader.

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