Sustainable solutions. Valuable Storytelling. Powerful Impact.

This is the Good Returns Cycle.


The Benefits

Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty +

89% of consumers agree that when a company leads with purpose, they have a more positive image of the company, are more likely to trust the company, and are more loyal to the company.

Sales +

91% of consumers would switch brands if a different one was purpose driven and had similar price and quality. A Good Returns Cycle enables a company to attach purpose to any product or brand, while also aligning that purpose to the company's strategic objectives.

Employee Engagement & Talent Attraction +

75% of employees believe that companies should create value by addressing society's needs. Additionally 55% of employees say a company's cause work influences their decision to accept a job offer. Executing an innovative social impact program is a powerful way to attract top talent, engage your employees, and differentiate your company from other employers.

The Impact

Meaningful Capital +

Your cycle capital increases the capacity of recipient Impact Organizations to grow their impact on the ground - impact that would otherwise be unrealized.

Focus On Sustainability +

Our impact network was built to scale sustainable impact models. Not only does Good Returns provide scaling capital to currently sustainable organizations, it also creates incentives for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to create new sustainable programs.

Raising Awareness +

Impact organizations report that one of their top needs is to reach a wider audience. Companies in the Good Returns network provide a powerful platform to raise awareness of the work of Impact Organizations through storytelling, which we facilitate for you.


Here’s How It Works


Step 1

Good Returns works with companies to understand the specific cause areas and geographic regions they wish to impact and identifies potential Impact Organizations.

Due Diligence

Step 2

Good Returns' rigorous due diligence process assesses each Impact Organization’s ability to effectively use and repay capital for impact.

Guarantee & Funding

Step 3

Through our partnerships with foundations and impact investors, Good Returns structures a guarantee for 100% of each company’s cycled capital. After issuing the guarantee, companies disburse funds to Good Returns who, in turn, disburse the funds to selected Impact Organizations.

Impact & Program

Step 4

Impact Organizations leverage this interest-free capital to scale their missions and generate sustainable impact in their respective fields. Good Returns works closely with these Impact Organizations to produce powerful stories of hope generated by the cycled capital. Good Returns stories are curated for participating companies, and we help them communicate the content effectively with employees, customers, and their communities – creating significant new value for both companies and Impact Organizations.


Step 5

Cycles are repaid and can optionally be recycled, creating additional impact without requiring additional funds. Each Cycle, companies can also elect to fund new Impact Organizations, cause areas, or geographic regions.


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