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Guarantors are a key part of the Good Returns model, acting as true facilitators of impact. They are essential to both driving the investment of new capital and to enabling stories of real change to be created, told, and shared.

By partnering with innovative foundations, philanthropists, and impact investors, Good Returns provides a guarantee to ensure interest-free cycle capital will be returned to participating companies. These guarantees enable companies to leverage financial resources that would otherwise remain dormant, unused for good in the world.

The use of guarantees is not new in impact investing, but this valuable tool is extremely underutilized. Increased awareness of successful examples of investor collaboration through guarantees – and blended capital more broadly – could help spur much-needed, additional investment into solutions to pressing social and environmental problems.
— Amit Bouri, CEO and co-founder of the GIIN

Guarantee-Investment-Values-Strategies: GIVS

A First-of-its-Kind Impact Investment for Impact Investors and Foundations

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Shared, Limited Risk - Any default amount is spread across all guarantors proportionally. Each investor can select the amount of risk they want to take, from 10% to 100% of their investment amount.

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Leverage - Guarantors only provide a financial contribution in the event of a default, and keep all the returns. 100% of the capital amount is mobilized from corporations interest-free.

Targeted Financial & Social Return - Impact investors facilitate significant impact while still targeting a market rate of return.


How GIVS Work:



Step 1

Impact Investors and Foundations invest capital in one of several available funds managed by Good Returns' investment partner, Inverdale Capital Management.

The Funds

Step 2

Each fund holds liquid equities and fixed income instruments. Funds remain invested throughout the Cycle period and target a market rate of return.


Step 3

The funds are utilized as collateral to guarantee Cycle capital. To minimize default risk, Good Returns performs financial and operational due diligence on every potential Impact Organization.

Impact & Program

Step 4

Impact Organizations leverage interest-free capital from companies participating in the Cycle process, which is made possible by the guarantee, to scale their missions and generate sustainable impact in their respective fields. Each guarantor receives reports detailing the impact created by the Cycle and the performance of their investment account.


Step 5

Cycles are repaid by participating Impact Organizations. In the event of a default, each participant in the guarantee donates a proportionate share to the Good Returns 501(c)(3). In the event of no default, guarantors incur no default costs and retain all the financial return generated by their investment into the funds.


Step 6

Investors can withdraw their account balance with notice based upon the notice period established at the time of investment.

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