June 5, 2018

Good Returns Announces Capital Cycle with Esperanza International

Program Will Provide Capital and Support Services to Women Entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic

Dallas, TX – June 5, 2018 – Good Returns, the Dallas-based hybrid social enterprise whose unique philanthropic model for businesses helps create sustainable social impact, today announced a new impact capital program with Esperanza International. The unique one-year program, called a “Cycle,” will expand Esperanza International's capacity through capital and awareness-building. This Cycle will support up to 128 women entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic, and it has the potential to directly impact the lives of an additional 514 individuals in communities throughout the country.

Through its proven “microfinance plus” model, Esperanza International invests in transformational relationships with its borrowers. Esperanza International provides not only access to capital for female entrepreneurs and other individuals in underserved communities, but also key support services including preventative healthcare, micro-insurance, and training in the core areas of business and financial literacy.

The growing organization has already distributed over 244,000 loans in the Dominican Republic as part of its mission to free families from poverty and restore self-worth and dignity to those who have lost hope.

“Our partnership with Good Returns will enable more hardworking individuals to receive the capital and services they need in order to achieve greater hope for the future and provide for their families,” said Alexandra Nuñez, CEO of Esperanza International. “Further, Good Returns' unique storytelling component enables the invested capital to create an even larger impact to fulfill Esperanza International's mission."

Good Returns obtains capital from select U.S. companies that participate in its Cycle program to scale sustainable solutions to the world's biggest problems. It insures and deploys that capital into vetted impact organizations, like Esperanza International, which have proven they are ready to scale their current sustainable models. Funds are provided in the form of a one-year, interest-free loan. Participating companies are guaranteed to have 100 percent of their capital returned following this one-year Cycle.

The funds for this particular Cycle were provided by Soap Hope, a Dallas-based company selling natural and organic products for body and home. The company provided a one-year, interest-free loan of $45,000 to fund the Cycle to Esperanza International.

Heather Stevens, a partner at Soap Hope, said, "Good Returns makes it easy for us to create social impact through partnerships with amazing organizations, like Esperanza International, and share that story with our customers and our community."

Kyle Lukianuk, President of Good Returns, adds, "This year, Good Returns will help Soap Hope tell the story of Esperanza International to over 50,000 Soap Hope customers throughout the U.S. That's why our Cycle program is so unique - it's a powerful way to create awareness and opportunity for organizations, like Esperanza International, well beyond the growth capital."

Good Returns matched Soap Hope with Esperanza International because Soap Hope's primary cause area is to impact the lives of women in poverty.

According to the UN, when more women work, economies grow. Additionally, evidence from a range of countries shows that increasing the share of household income controlled by women changes spending in ways that benefit children.[1]

Good Returns invests in impact organizations that operate sustainable solutions in every major humanitarian challenge area, which includes poverty, clean water, health, justice, and education, among others. Good Returns will continue to announce Cycles with companies and impact organizations in multiple impact domains throughout 2018.

[1] Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Gender Equality in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship: Final Report to the MCM 2012.


Good Returns is a Dallas-based hybrid social enterprise that is focused on mobilizing the world’s capital for good. Its unique model combines innovative finance and storytelling to develop world-improving relationships between companies and organizations that are sustainably addressing humanity’s most pressing challenges.


Jessica Tuquero

Macro PR