ORIX Foundation Partnering with Good Returns to Cycle $250K for Positive Impact

Good Returns is pleased to announce the launch of a new $250K Cycle funded by our first multinational corporate partner, ORIX Corporation USA, through the ORIX Foundation. The funds will be used to help scale sustainable impact organizations and increase their capacity to address community challenges.

ORIX Foundation: Investing Wisely In a Better Future

ORIX Corporation USA is a socially responsible financial services company that is committed to helping build a better, more equitable world. ORIX Foundation will deploy this capital to Good Returns to help impact organizations scale sustainable programs that align with the ORIX Foundation’s key philanthropic focus areas.

The ORIX Foundation has a long history of doing philanthropic good. Since its inception in 2009, the Foundation has granted over $16MM to charitable organizations such as the Dallas Food Bank and the Retina Foundation of the Southwest. Giving in the form of a Cycle—a one-year, interest-free social impact loan—will supplement the corporation’s granting program, increasing their impact and allowing them to do more good in a new way.

This film tells the story of Good Returns - a social enterprise focused on growing and scaling sustainable solutions to our world's most pressing problems. The footage was captured during Good Returns' storytelling trip to the Dominican Republic in July 2018. To learn more about Good Returns and how our model works please visit www.goodreturns.org Filmed and Edited by: The Brothers Martens

Maximizing Impact Through Innovation

Good Returns and the ORIX Foundation share a dedication to increasing social impact through innovative solutions to urgent social challenges. Cycling, combined with the Foundation’s philanthropic grants program, will double the impact created by ORIX Foundation in an innovative way.

The ORIX Foundation was able to make this impact investment separate from their capital pool used for grant-making because of our unique model. We secure a financial guarantee for all Cycled capital so our corporate partners know their principal will be returned. The $250,000 ORIX Foundation is Cycling will come from their corpus— funds that are designated for investment as opposed to granting. Because of our guarantee of return, the ORIX Foundation was able to diversify their philanthropic efforts by using those investment resources for social impact loans to further the mission of the organization and create positive social impact.

When the Cycle is repaid at the end of the one-year cycle, the ORIX Foundation will have the option to reinvest those funds in a new Cycle. And Good Returns is helping the Foundation maximize the impact they are making in another innovative way. In addition to capital, the Cycle also provides a platform for impact storytelling, which multiplies impact by growing awareness and inspiring action.

Impact Stories to Come

We are thrilled to be partnering with ORIX USA and look forward to sharing the stories of positive impact we will help create together.

Kyle Lukianuk, the President of Good Returns, hopes that this partnership between our organization and ORIX Foundation will help demonstrate how “granting and social impact lending can work together to create increased impact for communities.” By sharing the stories of impact generated by this Cycle, we hope to encourage other corporations with innovative CSR programs to see Cycling as a new and effective way for companies and corporate foundations to mobilize more of their resources for doing good in their communities.

Moving Forward

Good Returns will start bringing this program to additional businesses and corporations that want to create impact through social innovation. Our team will then share stories of the positive impact that has been created in the lives of individuals and entire communities by social enterprises that receive Cycled capital. Those stories will inspire others to do good in the world while creating business value for the organizations that fund future Cycles, including greater brand awareness, customer loyalty, employee engagement, and talent attraction.

Contact Good Returns to learn more about how Cycling can help your organization do more in your community, and the value that doing good can bring to your organization.

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